Beginning Chinese class in Hsinchuang

FYI we’ll be starting a beginning (absolute zero knowledge) Chinese class in Hsinchuang this Sunday at 11:30-12:30 a.m. at Fujen University. It’s intended mostly for overseas contract workers, but since I’m teaching it as a volunteer and it’s under the auspices of the church there, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if anyone who had a mind to come out showed up. I don’t expect to be able to cover much ground – they plan on 2 classes per month, 1st and 3rd Sunday as things currently stand, but this may change – but if you want to have a laugh and see anothe way to learn Chinese, you’re welcome.

At Fujen University (from Taipei Train Station, bus 299 gets you directly there; from Ximen, take Blue 2, 513, 635, 637, and probably others), from Hoping (Heping) Road, take the 235, my personal favorite…walk in the main entrance and keep walking straight on the roadway into the university. You’ll pass a 7-11 on your right – don’t be drawn in – keep going. You’ll go around a circle in the road – keep going. When you reach the next circle, the building on your left is the building where the chapel is. I’m not sure exactly what room they’re giving us, but it should be there somewhere. Listen for the manaical laughter. :stuck_out_tongue: