Beijing in 1 day. What to see?

Need to go to Beijing for business and only have 1 day to go sight seeing. Been there several times before and have basically seen all the sight seeing spots, but this was 7 years ago. Any advise on what I should not miss in Beijing? Thanks

Tell us which places you have seen and maybe we can fill in the gaps. My favorite place: Tiantan (Temple of Heaven) Park.

Second Tiantan.

Been there. Studied Art History, so been all to the art related sight seeing places several times, like forbidden city, tiantan, temples, great wall etc.

Was looking for more insider information. Some special stuff that the usual tourist doesn’t have time to visit.


Been shopping in Qianmen Street and Dazhalan?

Dazhalan in German

Purple Bamboo Park - well-known venue for snogging after dark.

Umm…Lama Temple (Yonghegong) and nearby well-preserved lanes?..

Go see 紅門畫廊 right next to the forbidden city 東門角樓. It’s one of the coolest modern chinese art galleries I’ve seen. Tel. (8610) 65251005.

That’s the info I’d like to have. Thanks and keep it coming

How about those tunnels under Beijing - or is that a myth?

Summer Palace is nice, too.