Being reimbursed for dentist from the NHI

Last week I finished my job.

My employer had been paying my NHI premiums.

The next day I went to the NHI office to pay my own premiums until I find a new job.
NHI tells me that they need to see my new ARC that says I am now looking for work.
I go to immigration BUT of course have to wait 2 weeks to get my new ARC. They tell me there is no document that they can give me to show to the NHI office and that I need to wait for the new ARC to see them.

I’m headed to the NHI office as soon as I get my new ARC.

Today I went to the dentist and paid out of my own pocket for the $900 scaling.
I have a receipt.

Any idea if I can get that money back when I go to the NHI office with my new ARC?

$900 is of course no big deal.

What could be a concern is one having no way to be enrolled in the NHI plan for the 2 weeks that they are waiting on their new ARC.

First thing, your NHI card is paid for by your boss and he has to file your paperwork with nhi to remove himself from the obligation once you quit. Usually this takes a few weeks to process but does not cancel your nhi. What will happen if you don’t make payments yourself going forward is they will suspend your NHI card but that takes a while before they take that action.

Did you try to use the NHI card at the dentist? Chances are it will still work. As an ARC holder, NHI should still continue. The NHI office has a form your boss can sign that removes him from the payment of NHI and that’s probably what the office wants to see that you are on your own personal ARC now to make things more straightforward.

Finally, you will get reimbursed your dentist fees… in fact, the easiest way is to go back to the dentist , ask him to refund you and bill NHI on your treatment date. Otherwise there is a form you fill out at the NHI office with your receipt, they take about a month to process and you get a refund to your account. As I said earlier your card has a 99.9% chance of still working today so if you still have the card go back to the dentist tomorrow and try to get your money back.

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Thanks for the reply.

It may interest you to know that today at the dentist they told me my card did not work (it worked a little over 6 months ago and at the same dentist)

This surprised me as well.

That might be a sign that your insurance lapsed and you won’t get a refund, but you’ll have to make sure at NHI.

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What seems to have happened here is the employer was on the ball and sent in the removal of obligation form quickly to NHI and they suspended OP quickly. Its suspended not cancelled.

From my previous personal experience, he will still be reimbursed later IF… his ARC didn’t get cancelled (since NHI is mandatory for any ARC holder) and he will have to back pay for the month his employer didn’t pay. This payment is mandatory and once all is caught up the NHI card works again and he can get reimbursed.


Hi Dan, I have a question that is very similar to the one posted here. I"m going to leave my job soon (I’ve basically left, I just haven’t got the formal documentation organised and agreed yet). I want to get some dental work (extraction) done ASAP and then head overseas for a few weeks. Do you know, or can I contact the NHI, whether because I’m paid a month in advance, once I organise the looking for work ARC I’m covered for that dental work even as the paperwork for the cancelation of the ARC and the granting of the looking for work ARC is being processed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’d try and get it done while officially employed if I were you, though I understand there may be a lag where NHI coverage extends beyond the termination date (I think you pay for the full month or so, depending on when the termination date falls in the month).

That said, a tooth extraction without NHI isn’t particularly expensive (I paid NT$2,500 a couple of years ago, and I had a cheaper quote for NT$1,500 or so at a different/better dentist but I would have needed to wait longer for an appointment). I assume it’s mostly covered under NHI so you just pay the consultation fee of NT$150 or whatever.

That what I’m trying to do but the earliest appointment for this dentist is Thursday afternoon and I want to get the paperwork in process so I can get out of here quickly given I have to quarantine on the way back. They say it’s 150 with the card.

I went to the NHI, for anyone who reads this… they said that because I’d been working a long time (I think more than 6 months, but I’ve been working more than a year), then I will be covered from the date of resignation even if the looking for work ARC isn’t yet processed and I’ll have to continue paying the premiums when they run out (in my case they were paid for August by the company) and at the rate of an individual look for work rather than employed by the company (slightly more than the company was paying).