Beipu Cold springs


Has anyone been to the Beipu coldsprings in Hsinchu County? Any tips on how to get there?

I’ve been asking my friend about it who says you need to go there by car, even going by scooter it’s inconvenient. Well I have neither. Looking on Google it doesn’t seem to far to go by bike from Zhudong station though, and then arriving at the springs would be extra rewarding. But I dunno what the terrain and road is like (and my bike doesn’t feel like it has a lot left to give).


I used to ride past it when I lived down there. It’s a reasonable effort on a bike (although I was coming from Hsinchu). To be honest the springs aren’t great, they aren’t real cold springs like in Suao. Nice area though. Once you get past the springs you’re in a world of pain, 15% gradient all the way to Wuzhishan.


I live in Hsinchu, and the place is nice. There’s a nice cool creek right in front of the spring where tiny fish would nibble at your toes. However, without a car or scooter, you probably find getting to Suao’s cold spring much easier…

If biking is your thing, by all means go for it. Google map claims it’s a 13KM ride, but you would be riding uphill the whole time. Also there are local buses that would get you to the town of Beipu, which would be much closer (6KM) to the spring.


Alright, cheers for the info
I reckon I’ll go to Suao this weekend and give it a go getting to Beipu in a week or two. Well, how is the road for riding? Like in terms of condition and safety. I don’t mind riding but I don’t do it a lot


The road to Beipu is in good condition. Just watch out at intersections as cars go really fast in the countryside.


Yeah that’s what I was worried about lol