Anyone been to this place?
I picked up a flyer somewhere advertising it.
It seems to be in the Shida area.
They have a website here.

ya, i went there just last friday, it is on the nightmarket street. you can get 5 waffles for 200NT. I thought they were pretty good. they had almond flavor, cinammon, dark chocolate covered, etc.

been there as well, not bad at all. there was a belgian guy serving.

I like them, rich and yummy.

I’ve been to this place several times. These waffles are the REAL DEAL. I mean, they’re the same as they would be in Belgium. Except for the size.

To be more precise, these are the Liege or Luikse waffles. There are two types of waffles in Belgium: Brussels ones and these. These are harder than the Brussels ones.

Anyhoo… the guy serving is the owner of the business. When I first tried them he was there and I asked him how it was possible that they taste exactly, I mean EXACTLY the same as they do in Belgium. He said that he imports frozen dough. He tried with local ingredients, but could never match the taste.

The size is much smaller though. He said he had to reduce the size after the first few weeks because the Taiwanese customers found them to be too big. That sounds a bit strange, though.

I never saw the guy again. He must have gone back home?

My only problem with this place is that it’s too close to my house!

So I went there tonight, a few hours after making my original post.

Having never tasted the real deal, and therefore having nothing to compare these to I must still say that they were quite good.

Tasty little buggers, but as Tash said I also found them to be quite small.

The stand was manned by 3 Taiwanese boys tonight. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to sit down, which means you have to eat your waffle standing up in a crowded nightmarket environment as people crowd, bump and cough all over you. Sure you could always take them home in their takeout box, but they’d be cold then.

IIRC, prices ranged from 25-55nt for for bite-sized to slightly-larger-than- bite-sized.

The place seems to have vaporised since more than half a year ago. I talked to the guy once, too (using the Royal Dutch language). Confirm, he is the owner… even said he had plans to go to Mainland China too. But does anyone know what happened to his business?

Don’t quote me on this, but I was with a friend around ShiDa area the other day (he lives there) and I had asked about Bel-Waffle… not knowing that it’s no longer there. My friend made a passing comment about not being able to survive/meet ends.

I don’t know how true that is though. Like I said, it was just talked about in passing. The turnover at ShiDa area is fast though… so many close shop after a year or so.

Ah… Yes, it’s not like they were lining up like they were at the nearby & opposite Deng Long (lu wei). Far from it. Who knows he’s trying his luck in China now, but I doubt it. Anyway, you can find wafles in other places in Taipei… a wafle is just a wafle (I like them at Ikari coffee shop).

Heh, just did a google search, found this blog article with pictures:

That’s him!

Waffles look pretty authentic. Can’t remember though how I felt that one time when I tried them about a year ago…

Anyway, we had that, in Taipei :s