Bella & Renee, the jolly sisters.

Name: Renee (folding ears), Bella (greyer coat)
Breed: Taiwan Tugou
Gender: Female
Age: 1.5 years old
Size: Small (Bella 7kg, Renee 9kg)
Personality: Friendly, jolly
Other: Chipped, neutered, vaccinated

Chris, one of our dedicated animal care staff, spotted two pups at the side of a mountain road, one of them with horrific wounds to her neck. So we went to rescue the little ones and get them to a vet ASAP. (Rescue video: Facebook

When they were ready to join our big PACK family, they made friends with the staffs they never met before right away.

Friendly as they both are, they are still a little different. Renee can show a bit of shyness sometimes. But she is still always willing to kiss you gently. On the other hand, the little sister Bella is a lot of fun. She doesn’t care if you’ve only met her 5 minutes ago. “Just rub my belly!”

They will be the most joyful addition to any family. Come meet them!

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