Bereavement Leave

My eldest brother died on February 4 due to Covid-19 with many complications in New York Weill Cornell Medical Center. The Obituary and Death Certificate arrived and handed to the office for my 3 days Bereavement Leave.
The secretary told me that they will grant the 3 days if I’ll go to his funeral in NY.
Am I not entitled to use it here in Taiwan and grieve here because of the Pandemic situation?
I don’t want to become racist.

Our resident ALIEN @yyy has a clear post on the the issue here. I trust the interpretation that funeral attendance is not a requirement, but have seen Taiwanese companies include such language in their policy

For example


My condolences to you for your loss.

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Hi Miles, sorry for your loss.

Three days for a sibling is indeed the legal minimum for any job subject to the Labor Standards Act (which means most jobs). Source: 勞動部勞動法令查詢系統-條文檢索結果 Click on the orange 英 for English. You can also find it in both languages at

What you’re looking for right now is this:

Source: 勞動部勞動法令查詢系統-判解函釋

This one has no official translation, but it basically says funeral or no funeral, you have the same entitlement.

If they give you crap, talk to your local labor department (in the city/country where you work). Let me know if you have other questions.