Best 150cc motorcycle?

What do you think is the best 150cc motorcycle? I am looking for something that I can drive around the island that is comfortable and has enough power with a passenger in the mountains.

I just recently retired my Kymco 150cc Xing after 4 years of fun.

I am thinking about just getting another one but this time taking better care of it (store it in a garage to prevent rust).

What other options are there?

Ratlung and myself bought a couple of Hartfords. We talked all about that here: [Hartford HD bikes

What about an FZ150 Breeze version, if you can find one? The one with the taller handlebars. Hard to find a decent one nowadays…

[quote=“hexuan”]What about an FZ150 Breeze version, if you can find one? The one with the taller handlebars. Hard to find a decent one nowadays…[/quote]It is hard to find a decent one. You can get a less-than-decent one and get it fixed up very nicely, but I still wouldn’t recommend getting one of these bikes. I had one for two years. I rode it to a great many places including on a couple of week-long trips. I had it going as well as it could possibly go. It was mechanically immaculate. But it was still too heavy, underpowered, and the constant gear changing to keep it in the powerband got me down.

Hartford HD150s look like the best all-rounders at the moment.

I’ve seen those bikes around and I quite like them. The do look a little small though. Although that would probably mean they are a bit more powerful than my Xing was.

I’ll look at Yahoo Taiwan auction to see what I can find.

IMO small is good! As you say, it makes for a better power-to-weight ratio. It also makes for quicker handling. The FZ Breeze was a bit of a pig in town because it was too heavy, the weight was too high and the fork angle made for slow steering anyway.

The little bikes such as the Hartfords and the SYM Legend are much nicer in town and are also fun on the little twisty backroads. Even my old SR150, though heavier, had quick enough steering to make it fun.

Does anyone around here drive a Kymco Hypster?

I like the look of it and it has more power than the Xing. But i’m having trouble finding a used one.

The seat flips up if you are riding solo and acts as a backrest. Not sure if i like that. I liked my Xing cause when I was riding with passenger there was a backrest that made it so the passenger wouldn’t slip off the back.

i used to ride a hipster before i upgraded to my hornet…

good little cruiser for solo… but it’s crap for a pillion rider (the seat is too small) and flipping the rear up for a backrest is crap too unless you kinda like back like you’ve got super-apehangers on…