Best Beach Resort in Asia?

I am looking for the best beach resort in Asia that is reasonbly priced, with a high quality beach and that is not too over commercialized (although i do want some creature comoforts). So far there are the obvious ones like Borocay & Koh Samui… are there any good ones that aren’t so obvious (and hopefully thus cheaper :laughing: )?? I have thought of Langkawi or Redang in Malaysia…

any advice?? :help:

Here’s my list of reviews. being an Aussie and a former surfer, I’m a damned fussy bastard when it comes to beaches. None of the below has surf by the way, cos, put simply Charlie don’t surf.


Puerto Galera - RP - Not been in years, but the beaches were spectacular.

Phu Quoc - Vietnam. Not been, but wanted to for eons. Friends went recently and loved it.

Mui Ne/Phan Thiet - Vietnam - Fairly crap beaches, oodles of rubbish in the water, etc. Quite chilled though.

Halong Bay - Vietnam - Lots of little coves and beaches. Hard to time the weather and the bay is not the cleanest. Chilled place though.

Koh Tao - Thailand - Good diving, great island with loads to entertain you in the non-beach time.

Koh Phangan - Thailand - North end of the island (away from the full-moon party). Beautiful beaches, cheap and chilled.

Perhentian Islands - Malaysia - Surprisingly fairly ordinary food. The islands aren’t inhabited during the typhoon season. Nice beaches and snorkeling.

Favourite beach in the world (to date)? Depot Beach South coast NSW, near Batemans Bay, Australia. You simply cannot get water any cleaner than this. Kangaroos grazing on the grass off the white sand, National park right down to the water line and huge trees. Oh, and quite often a nice fun wave for either body surfing or surfing proper in the bay itself, ot if not, almost certainly a surf nearby.


thanks for that :bravo:

Just spent last week on Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samet - Thailand. Absolutely beautiful beach with clean and clear water. Many restaurants that set up tables on the beach at night, so you can just chill out and relax.

Thinking of Koh Samet soon. My Thai lass has been pushing to go there for quite awhile.

I should also add:

Bali - Some of the best beaches in the world here, particularly surf beaches.

Koh Lanta - Traipsed down there four years ago, The beaches were mostly crap the further away from the main town- low tides and oodles of dead coral. However, it was a nice place. Very laid back.


Koh Tao barr none

I have been to all the places mentioned in Thailand, I would have to say the best was Koh Samui, no contest, Phuket was good too and the islands down there but Im not sure how it is there now…


I enjoyed my stay at El Nido, Palawan. Very laid back and subdued place but it has dive shops restaurants etc. No girlie bars. Just a pleasant relaxing spot.

I got drugged and robbed on Ko Samet. Them’s the breaks!

Kenting -hands down. After that, Baishawan.

i said in Asia, not in Taiwan. Those places are nice, but they don’t match the others above!!

Where is Taiwan? Africa?

Ok -Kending is not the best in Asia, nor Baishawan -Fulong Beach is. Seriously, the best I’ve been to? West Raily Beach (Krabi, Thailand), Phi-Phi Ley (Krabi), Ko Phang Ngan’s Haad Rin (Sura Thani), Kuta Beach in Bali (Indonesia). The beaches on Taiwan’s Bali in Taipei County leave much to be desired, unfortunately, but you could give them a shot while you’re waiting to explore Asia.

nice suggestions alazaskan 1, what do other people think of these places??

There were a pair of gibbons in the trees above my bungalow in West Raily one morning. Here are some photos from trips I took to Ko Samui and Phi-Phi: … lery/2119/ The one where you see the macaques on the beach is called, I think, Monkey Beach, on the side of Phi-Phi Don. The others are labelled, I think. None from Raily or Bali in there, sorry.

I haven’t been there, but people say Ko Lipe, way down in southern Thailand, is about as good as it gets.

What about Quy Nhon in Vietnam. Just the Life Resort there so never crowded. In a cove with an island off shore. Very pretty but not much to do other than beach stuff and the spa.