Best Birthday Spot in Taipei?

My birthday is coming up soon and looking for recommendations about good birthday places to accommodate 10 people. Maybe around 500Ntd per person!

Anyone know any good places in Taipei?


What are your priorities? Food? Drink? Veggie/vegan options?

If you give us a better sense of your needs and goals, you might get more useful feedback.


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Hey, good point!
I’m looking for a place that is a little quieter where I can talk with my friends. Good food is a must, Korean, Italian, or Japanese is best. A few drinks would be good too!

Searching for good Korean food in Taiwan is like trying to find a formosan black bear—an elusive beast.

With the rough price point you mentioned, and with these priorities in mind, one place you could consider is Zoca Pizzeria Caffetteria just off Anhe Road (closest MRT station: Xinyi Anhe on the Red Line). With a group that size, of course make a reservation. Weekdays will be quieter, though not exactly quiet; weekends will unfortunately be noisy in that space. Great pizza (the owner/chef is from Verona), with nice drinks, good coffee, and some terrific desserts including gelato made in house. It’s also easy for any vegetarians in your group to make this work.

I hope this helps!


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Check out your local izakaya by your house. If you need recommendations I like going to these spots…

Yu Cai Izakaya Restaurant
02 2767 2929

Chimen Izakaya Restaurant
02 2767 6817

Welcome to F.

Let us know what you decide.

Kanpai, 乾杯 中山店, fun atmosphere, customer participation, specials for birthday guest, bullhorns, complimentary Polaroid pictures, etc. They all do it to some extent but this one more crazy.

Then walk over to a comedy show n craft beer at 23.

Then walk over to Triangle.

Kanpai, although fun, is not a great place to have a conversation. It is crazy loud in there.

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This is the best Korean I’ve found so far. Plenty to drink.


I will be your authentic GOOD Korean food guide. Most “Korean” places here are garbage.

I don’t disagree!


Thanks for all your help everyone! Ended up going to Dozo Izakaya Bar! It was a great time!