Best Burger of 2011

Best burger is at?

  • Chili’s
  • Cozi Burger
  • Eat Burger
  • Enjoy Kitchen
  • Evan’s
  • Forkers!
  • KGB
  • Kooks
  • T.G.I.Friday’s
  • The Burger Stop
  • The Diner
  • Other (please post name)

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[color=#FF0000]If you chose “Other” please be sure to post the name and I will count them manually for the final poll results. If no name is posted/given/pm’d for “Other” the vote will not count.

You can change your vote anytime until January 1, 2012.[/color]

“Other” so far includes:
. En Burger
. Dot Dot
. Bravo Burger
. The Bayou
. 1885 Burger Store
. American Grill (Hsinchu)
. Table Joe’s (Hsinchu)
. Burger Joint (Taichung)
. Bongo’s
. Pay my tuition


I voted for Evan’s but my wife likes En Burger which is not on your list.

Thanks PigBloodCake. Give me a second to mull, ok?

Dot Dot, off Shita Rd.

Its a shame Burger Stop is no longer around :frowning:

Other: Bravo Burger (Gongguan)

Agreed. Respect and thanks to Dave for the burgers while we had them. :bravo:

Shameless plug…The Bayou

Shoot. I got you for pizza but missed you for burger.

1885 in ShiDa

Other - American Grill In Taiwan. Located in Hsinchu behind the Shin Kong Mitukoshi department stoe. Check their facebook page for address and hours.

American Grill In Taiwan (Hsinchu City, just behind the Ambassador Hotel)



Table Joe’s. (Also in Hsinchu) American Grill also rocks, but the flavours are totally different. Both great, though!

Burger Joint, Taizhong

Best burgers I have ever had, before and after coming to Taiwan.

Other - Bongos.

Other-Pay my tuition, close to SYS Memorial

American Grill Hsinchu has my vote

Chili’s for me, the “Oldtimer Burger” is just excellent for lunch.
Where’s McDonalds in the list? Haha

Wonder if the second floor cafe at the Grand HOtel still has the very nice burgers and shakes and steak sandwhiches they used to have. YUM YUM they were.