Best by or sell by date printed on packaged products?

I have some stuff from Costco that has a manufacture date (I’m assuming) in October and a whatever-by date in early November. It’s now December and it tastes exactly the same as when I bought it.

So it led me to wonder: is the printed date sell by or best before?

In that case it’s sell by. Supermarkets aren’t allowed to sell products past the sell by or use by date. In many cases you can still consume them, it’s up to you.

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They aren’t allowed to sell after the date? But you can keep it for years in your pantry before eating it!

It will depend on the product, its packaging and storage as well.

One might be shocked at how expiry dates, nutrition data and product origin on labels come to be written…

I think its only number its doesn’t satisfied me at all how a one difference can expire the product a day before is OK to eat and in a single it got expire in few things those who are unprocessed are understood that they would be expire in a few moments and how they measure and predict before time

For many things it is just an estimate. Copied from other cmapnies similar product.

Things like meat, milk and auch are a bit more strict but surprisingly common just to follow guidelines and databases.

Best by dates are to take care of a companies liability so you cant sue them. Not in any way there to protect you from bad food. One might also be amazed at how many dumb people eat obviously bad food and try to blame the manufacturer.