Best cheeseburgers that use REAL cheese?

In Taipei, New Taipei: Which has some of the best cheeseburgers that use REAL cheese? As in, cheese that’s not the kraft 1¢ chemical plastic cheese that doesn’t actually melt?

I’ll start:

  1. JBs
  2. GBs
  3. The Diner

JBs in Tianmu?

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The cheese they put on burgers is actually processed the way that it has the ideal melting point.


If it isn’t melting it’s probably because they aren’t cooking it properly.

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Real cheese is mostly not made to be melted on a burger.

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Most real cheese has natural fat that easily melts. If you try to melt kraft, it’ll burn on the outside and retain it’s shape. I suppose the exception would be sharp cheese that’s sorta crumbly (never tried to melt that, not really sure)

Not if you now how to melt it, and when to put it on the burger. Real cheese has indeed fat, but it needs to be the right amount of fat, too much and it separates into oil and solids. Too hot and it burns.


You’re doing something wrong. Kraft singles are pretty much designed to be melted on a burger or in a grilled cheese. Those are the only legitimate uses for the stuff as far as I’m concerned.