Best Child model agency

Hey guys. I am an ex fashion photographer who has come to TW to learn Mandarin.
My daughter is 5 and very fashionable. She also loves posing for photographs. (She can also speak and sing in Spanish, English and some Chinese, which is improving by the day).
Anyone know any good child/youth talent or modeling agencies in TW?
All of my contacts are in NYC, CDMX and BKK.
We live in Tainan, but could always go to TPE or Kaohsiung.
I searched the forums, but most of what I found is out of date and nothing is youth oriented.

Thanks in advance


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There is only one trustworthy agent on this entire island. Talk to Daphne at Talent in Taiwan. She will really care for your child. Excellent service. No one, and I mean no one, comes close to her dedication.

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Hi, I am Zoe. I am a marketor in KH and planning a video shooting project which needs child models. If you and your daughter is still interested in modeling job, please let me know. Thank you.