Best Chinese Learning YouTube Channels?

Just curious what YouTube channels you think are great to learn some basic Mandarin. Cheers!


this one is the only that is all right. Chinese learning material compere with other languages is not the best.

SMART Mandarin - Katrina Lee

Taiwan accent

does that come with a free Beijng accent, rrrr?


There’s also @PeggyLee who posts here from time to time

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Also Learn Chinese Now by Ben Hedges.

For beginners, you can learn with music too…

Haha…Yah, I think there’s a little work on his singing needed. But 100% for passion and effort. :slight_smile: Many thanks!

Thank you for recommending my videos! :slight_smile:

There are a number of lesson series available on my channel, like Traveling Taiwan, Street Mandarin, Tasty Taiwan, Intermediate Chinese and Tasty America. I hope you find some of them helpful and interesting!

Would be great to hear what you think.

This one is good. Especially for beginners and for instantly usable idioms and vocab. Its mostly in English but has good videos and its presented well. They speak super clearly.

Anything for the young kids? 5-7 years old?
does not need to be traditional…

They can watch education stuffs in Chinese, like 巧虎 cartoons

Hey there…this channel seems alright for kids: Chinese Buddy. Most of the songs are pretty catchy, some I don’t like, but overall not too bad. Anyhow, that’s from my own exploration.