Best Cover Version?


Good all around- by all participants. I keep coming back to this on my commute. That second singer has some chops!


Meanwhile in the former Soviet Union.


Sounds like the song was written for him.


SRV playing Jimi’s Little Wing




Yeah. SRV is one of the few guitarists who can (could) do Jimi justice.


Band is great, but that vocalist is a little scary.


No doubt about that, but I meant the Sabbath track


Ha. Charles Bradley seriously rocks too!


Oh yeah! Lovin’ this cover.


One of my favorite Hendrix tunes. Excellent, excellent cover.




kermit sings hurt. more cutting than the original, somehow




Now that’s a combination I never would’ve imagined. Awesome guitar.


That Devo Neil Young cover is about as weird as they get. Meanwhile, in a HS or college classroom full of what looks like mostly Pacific Islanders.

And I’m lovin’ this one. Check out the singer on the left. He just can’t contain his joy at what’s coming out of the lead singer (he’s actually probably the best singer among the three but does a little back-up vocals for this one).



And yes, I dig it. Not sharing for comedic value.

Not a cover, but what he does best.