Best Covers of Toto's Africa


Seems like everybody’s playing this song now and viral globally.

Two of my favorites.


Sorry, did we talk about the gas leak thing already??



Water heater and alkaline batteries?


@tango42 appears bored in his role as a McRefugee tonight.
Which outlet you at right now? Maybe we should send some people in white coats to have a chat with you.


Just between us, bru, I think that’s only an issue if your entire environment is covered in cat piss, hence corroding the contacts etc.


I think other McRefugees are staring at me


Ohhhh, no, it ain’t like that
@tango42 is the one who SENDS…



This is the only place I can pretend that people are listening to me.



Honestly, any cover would be an improvement over the original, even the Chipmunks version.


Shouldn’t they all be planking or something?



Takes awhile.


Finally someone made it their own.


For someone who’s into chickens, he seems awfully scared of them.