Best Credit Cards for US expat

Currently I’m using Discover, which has no foreign fees, but only has cash-back for limited categories.

Are there any cards with more cash-back? I’m thinking about opening a Taiwanese bank account too.

Look into TW cards. Unless you’re getting paid in USD to a US bank account, you’re going to get screwed over by transaction fees every time you pay your bill. Costco is a good starter card. It doesn’t have a lot of points, but it’s a start. Then set up Line pay, which will bring you all kinds of benefits.

Capital One has some cards that deliver 1.5% cash back on everything, no F/X fees (yes, I can confirm this), and sometimes U$200 back if you purchase $500 in first 3 months.
There are other credit cards that do nearly the same thing. Can google, because many websites compare recent/up-to-date credit cards’ benefits between card companies.

I can’t seem to find the exact Line pay benefits, is it better than the 1.5% that Taitung suggested?

I have both Discover and a Bank of America “travel rewards” card.

The BoA card is 1.5% on everything with no foreign fees as well.

I don’t know which Discover card you have, but mine is 1% on everything and 5% on those limited categories each quarter. I generally use it when I can get the 5%, and the BoA for other things.

Chase Sapphire has worked well for me. It’s especially great for travel benefits, which has been less helpful lately, but they’ve bumped up their points for other types of purchases to make up for it.

I’ve never seen the need for a Taiwan credit card. I’m told they are necessary for ordering from certain local shopping websites, but I can’t be bothered with that. My Chase card works just fine at restaurants, bars, and Carrefour, with no international fees and a good exchange rate.