Best doctors / hospitals for pre-natal care & delivery?

I’m looking for advice on the best places in Taipei for care & childbirth. (Biligual, foreigner-friendly is best.) We just got the news (!), and I’d like to be able to start off with a good doctor and stick with him/her throughout the process. My apologies if this has been covered already.

I’ve heard really good things about ZhongShan hospital over behind Ren’Ai circle. My friend (single mom and a foreigner) had her baby there as well as all her pre and post natal care.

First of all congratulations and I hope your wife is having a smooth pregnancy so far. I gave birth to my 2nd child at Zhong Shan Hospital too and I do not have any complaints except their lack in privacy. Other than that, I found the staff really helpful and communication wasn’t a problem. I went to PCC (Private Clinic Centre) which is just next to Zhong Shan Hospital and my gynae was Dr Monty Lee. If you feel more comfortable seeing a female gynae you can also ask for Dr Bernice. She’s really sweet and patient.

If you have more questions about hospitals and doctors you can also check out (under the family forum) for more advice.

Thanks for the information and the link! (PCC sounds really good.) Another question is about expense. Medical care is generally not so expensive here, but I wonder how much will be covered by the national health insurance.

I’m sure her Taiwanese relatives will have plenty of suggestions, but I’m a typical privileged westerner and want a doctor who will allow us to be to be very involved in and informed about our child’s birth.

Just made an appointment with Bernice Chen for Friday morning. Wish us luck!

Dear Anglophonus,

I am sure it’s a very exciting time for you and your family to be expecting your 1st child! Dr Bernice is definitly a good choice…she’ll fill you in with whatever you need to know. As for charges, generally PCC slabs on a 1000NT consultation fee and the ultra sounds can cost up to 2000-4000NT depending on what tests you’d like done. The price of medication is pretty reasonable but like yourself, we could claim all medical costs from our company hence price wasn’t so important.

Parentpages is a great website for both expat and local families living in Taiwan and is a godsend for me up till today.
However if you need any more help, please do not hesitate to drop me a Private Message too!

Is Chungshan really that expensive? I had my kids at Wanfang hospital and the visits were 100twd, including any scheduled ultrasounds and the c-section I needed with my second. With 7 days in hospital in a private room, elective self-admnistered pain reilef after the operation (5,000twd for that) and an amnio during pregnancy, we spent less than $30,000.

Asiababy, I think she was talking about prices at PCC (small clinic), not at Zhongshan. Bernice has hours at both places. We’re seeing her at Zhongshan, mainly because her hours there fit our schedule better.

I absolutly love Bernice. She delivered my second baby and I found her to be very kind and gentle, she never rushed appointments but took lots of time to chat. I will be seeing her again since I just found out I’m expecting my third child in October!

Oh and I also go to Chungshan to see her since I don’t see much point to pay so much to see her across the road when I can use my health care card at the hospital and see her for next to nothing! I guess if you don’t want to want in lines or expose yourself to all the hospital germs it might be ok but even if you go to PCC for prenatal health you still give birth in the hospital.

We saw Bernice at Zhongshan Hospital this morning. She was indeed very warm and informative, so I think we’ll stick with her. Cost was NT990: 380 (1st-time registration) 60 (meds) 550 (exam & ultrasound). I had no idea we’d be seeing an ultrasound so soon-- suddenly the reality of the situation hit me. (We’re 5-6 weeks along-- estimated date of delivery is my birthday!)

I’m 5-6 weeks along as well! Things are just getting started :slight_smile: