Best drop-in gym in TAIPEI City- People Fitness Gym

To those who are living in Taipei City at the moment and seeking for the best gym…
Here’s your best solution.
PeopleFitnessGym not only they have the lowest monthly fee(*$699 NTD for new member), but also the best quality atmosphere and new equipment.
Worrying about the member contract? Don’t even bother! There will not be any strings attached!
Or you can choose to pay ONLY $50 for 90 mins workout! Still a great bargain!

There are three branches in Taipei City as follow:

Any question, please don’t hesitate to come forward. Go to any of our Facebook fan page, our customer service will be there for you anytime!
See you soon!:wink::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Doesnt this gym have no shower.

Do you have a jacuzzi?

Yup. No shower. I still like it though.

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It means that you cant work out and then go to work or go somewhere else afterwards. I have never heard of gym without a shower before. There are other drop in gyms in Taipei, and they all have showers. Im sure its a deal breaker for a lot of people so surprise they made the decision not to include showers.

The branch in Neihu district have shower.
Charge $30 NTD for each time.
Do need to bring your own shampoo and body wash though. :blush::slightly_smiling_face:

We get advertisements in the posts now?! Gawd damnit I hope this site doesnt go to shiat


When I click on the above Facebook link to the Neihu location I’m redirected to Dava Fitness. Is there a relationship between the two?

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Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m only posting this bcuz this is the only gym i’ve been going for the past 3 years. I’m usually away from Taiwan for work. Just want to let others know about it.

That was the privous gym located at the same spot. But they aren’t related.
Here’s a link on google map that will get you to People Fitness Gym- Neihu branch directly as follow for your reference:

Wish you all the best! Cheers ^^

Hi guys, It’s my first time coming here, not sure if I can post this, but if someone interested in a good gym,
I have 10 months (2019/11~2020/09) of remaining gym membership at Being Gym in Minsheng Community, Songshan District, great equipment (full weight training, yoga class, cardio .etc) and amenity (jacuzzi, shower, clean tower, steam), convenient location of food and transportation, pm me if you are interested.