Best evening classes for someone who works


I was not able to find updated information about evening classes. I need evening classes as I work during the day. Location is Taipei and I work in Xinyi / Daan area.

I have not had any experience with paid Chinese classes here but did some night classes in my home country (native English speaking country) a few years ago.

Do the teachers here have some English ability to explain things or answer any questions?

I tried a free class here once but they were teaching Chinese using only Chinese (teacher had no English ability) and that was totally beyond me, I couldn’t understand anything (I admit that most of the other participants were from non-english speaking countries though).

Initially I want to focus on listening and speaking, later I might try to teach myself some basic reading but not initially and I have no motivation to learn writing.

I would appreciate any advice on companies or classes to consider.


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Hi, I have the same situation here, work during the day. I was wondering about the free class you mentioned. Could I possibly get some detail about that?

Not as easy to find evening group classes without going to a Uni. Private classes are easier to find at night.

This place has some right now ShuoHao Language Center

Also the schools don’t always advertise well. Even after checking websites I always end up dropping in to get the real scoop.

Check TMI, TCA, TMC, TLI all located generally in the same area near Roosevelt Road.

All these school teach in English and Chinese. Less English as you progress of course.

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theres some language center places which were already mentioned. worth trying. far from perfect but its about as good as you are going to get without going to a uni.

That list is for 新北市。Does anyone have the 台北市 version?

This may be not something OP is looking for, but the lists of classes by Taipei city are found here. Ch En


Sorry, I don’t remember the location, it was a very local place in Taoyuan a few years ago and I am not sure it is there anymore.