ShuoHao Language Center

Looks like a new Chinese language school in town and it’s the only one in that part of town near Daan/Xinyi MRT station.

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Yes, I started private lessons there last week. It looks like they opened recently. Pricing and course qualities is really great. I recommend!


I forgot about them. I’m going by next week to see if they have something that matches me.

I have some questions. I can’t tell by their website or Facebook book. I’ll ask these when I go by but maybe you know?

Are classes in daytime and nighttime? Looks like only at night time.

Do they use the standard book most people use in Taiwan? Or do they use their own book?

the books they show in the pictures in the ShiDa books, A Course in Contemporary Chinese which is full of Taiwan propaganda

I think they have day and night courses. Google says their opening hours are from 9am to 9pm. I contacted them per mail. They answered quickly.

Their Facebook page links an address in section 5 and the web page says address in section 4. Can not find them on Google Map search.

Not the greatest but at least I’m familiar with it.

The web page has free downloadable materials including free flashcards.

ShuoHao Google Maps


That’s strange because Google Map link you have is on Fushing road but the web page says Xinyi Road section 4 and Facebook links to Xinyi Section 5.


I don’t know. I think the school new location in Da’an just opened for a few days/weeks. They probably didn’t update the website yet.

I sent them an email to let them know :slight_smile: