Best *Home Delivery* Pizza in Taipei

I’ve been surprised by how many pizza places around Taipei use poor quality packaging. Even when an order gets delivered within 30 minutes, the pizza is often cold and needs to be reheated which completely ruins the crust. In fact, I’ve found Taichung to have better home delivery pizza options so far (e.g. Pizza Running).

So I wanted to ask, what do y’all do when you’re craving some pizza at home? I don’t have any places I like within walking distance unfortunately…

Pizza Rock

You can order straight through them or through the Panda or Uber.


Pizza Rock is a good one. But they take 50+ minutes to deliver through UE to my location :frowning:

Paulie’s is probably the best in Taipei and they’re on UberEats.

the pizza packaging is the same everywhere , however the Pizza insulating bag helps to keep the pizza temperature warm

However you can try other ways …

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Yeah Paulie’s my favorite in Taipei as well. But unfortunately they’re too far from my location (near Ximending) for UE :frowning:

Pizza rock. Only. Everyone else is crap.

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