Best Indian restaurant in Tainan

I recommend India Palace (east dist.) >
Top quality food and good service.

I like this place too. I’d like it better if there was less skin & bone in the meat.
But, generally very good. Reasonable prices, decent tasting curry and excellent naan breads.

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Sounds like you had chicken, any other items you tried here or recommendations?

I live pretty close to this place, so I’ve been plenty of times now, and tried pretty much everything. The flavor of all the curries is great, I haven’t had a bad one yet.

I like the butter chicken and garlic naan more than anything else.
I also rate the fish curry.

My wife always gets a lamb dish, the meat is very tender, but again, I hate the fatty stuff, and there’s always a bit in there. She loves it though.

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Thank you ! Maybe I will go with a student from India and try (the funny thing she really does not know any Indian places in Tainan/ NCKU so for something close she mentioned Mexican which I somewhat miss and was interested.)

Their naans are huge, don’t know if it’s typical from Indian cuisine but I never saw any other restaurant serving such big naans. Last time I tried the naan with the anise flavor, weird at first but quite a pleasant surprise.

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