Best inexpensive places with an English menu?

I define inexpensive as less than $150NT for a meal.
What are your favorite places?

I like:

  • The Naked Cafe (575, MeiQun Rd, Sec 1… about a block south of the art museum)
  • a teppenyaki restaurant in the north district at 309 Han Kou Rd (between Da Ya and Chong De). I don’t know the name, but it’s on the north side with red stools and looks like a diner inside.

My, chillies and TJI friday’s

for dessert, Daagen Hegan Royal Monte Carlo and Basket Robbin’s Mocha Blast.

Tappenyaki is my favourite :bow:

My favourite beef noodle shop has an English menu. It’s almost impossible to order a single item for NT$150 and over.

However, I’m sorry, I’m not letting the cat out the bag. This place is MINE and I DON’T want any other cheapskates like me hanging out there. :raspberry:

Besides, the laoban says I’m “so handsome”, so I don’t want any competiton around.

I don’t know anywhere you can get a meal for less than NT$150, but the Xiao mi jou place on Dingzhou Rd near the cinema has recently had its menu translated into English. Place has been there for many years and its good stuff. I’m pretty sure a bowl of xiao mi jou, some greens and a fried meat dumpling wouldn’t cost much more than NT$150.

Burger King

Chinese take away

Theres a place RIGHT by the Taichung train station

same block as mcdonalds

in the morning they serve onion pancakes

for lunch and dinner, they got combo meals with pictures!!! I think the MOST expensive is like 199 NT, but you can get a decent combo (combo includes soft drinks with free refills) which includes soup, a side of your choice (I always get green stuff smothered in meat sauce) and a huge bow of noodles and meat stuff mixed with tiny tofu chunks for like 90 NT

dunno the name, but ifya can find the mcadees (which is a cpl shops away from subway) you can find this place as it is on the same block and on the same side of the block even

oh and its even AIR CONDITIONED! quite well too…sometimes its even a bit chilly :slight_smile: