Best Jazz

Charlie Byrd, “Jitterbug Waltz”

Bunny Berrigan, “I Can’t Get Started”

:thumbsup: Thelonlieste thoroughly endorses this. :bravo:

:thumbsup: Thelonlieste thoroughly endorses this. :bravo:[/quote]

Glad you liked it.

John Coltrane, “A Love Supreme”

Wes Montgomery, “Nica’s Dream”

Fats Waller, “The Joint Is Jumpin’”

Mose Allison, “Ask Me Nice”

The Jackie Gleason Show, sometime in the mid- to early-50s

Miles Davis, hard bop

And although these two aren’t on youtube, Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy’s cover of “I Only Have Eyes For You,” music by Harry Warren (lyrics by Al Dubin). Ok, anything by Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy or his Art Ensemble of Chicago. And Dave Grusin’s phat phat version of “The Theme From Peter Gunn,” music by Henry Mancini.

And good grief, there are so many much more. Lester Young, Cannonball Adderly, Art Pepper, John Coltrane, Jimmy Smith, Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, Wayne Shorter, Milt Jackson, and so many, many more.

There’s so much! Since I can’t listen to this stuff at work, it will take awhile to get it all. I start New Years break tomorrow! I want to add Sadao Watanabe. I’ve seen him play in Taipei twice. My favorite is called Tembea, but I can’t find it on Youtube.

Isn’t jazz one of the few genres where drummers are often band leaders.

I don’t understand what jazz is. What characterises jazz? What’s it all about?

Is Lil Johnson jazz? And / or Nick Drake?

It’s nice to know that with all the heroin casualties that jazz produced, some musicians were tripping out instead:

Sun Ra - Twin Stars Of Thence

jimipresley, you DO know about don’t you? It suggests other songs you might like, based on what you’ve chosen.

Edit Oop, this was supposed to be in the ‘beautiful songs’ thread.

[quote=“Buttercup”]jimipresley, you DO know about don’t you?[/quote]It runs out here and then you have to pay.

Does that help?

I use it sometimes, but usually I use Yahoo’s Launchcast.

Lame! I haven’t ever signed in - I just search a name that I’m feeling like today and off it goes. Fed in Lil Johnson and it’s now playing Mississippi Sheiks which is fab and I’d never heard of him before. :rainbow:

Launchcast? I will have a peek. Similar sort of thing?

Going off-topic, it’s so cack that they have different internets in different countries. My computer inexplicably (um, no doubt completely explicably to someone else) denies me access to Channel 4OD on youtube because it says I’m not in Britland when I’m about as in Britland as it’s possible to be.

Edit The Dragonbones Blues. :laughing: Probabaly not jazz, though. (just listen, don’t watch the stupid vid)