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Someone wanted some Coltrane?



I hope I am as interested in the diversity of music as most others. Sadly ,I enjoy a hint of a melody . Most melodies in Jazz seem to be a little ,er, absent to me and i can only hear a cacophony of “noise”.
This comedy sketch is close to portraying my thoughts. I can listen to almost anything but Jazz., reminds me of modern Art portraying a pile of bricks, as “innovative” .
There …i said it :yum:
Enjoy the clip for fun


Now c’mon. You obviously haven’t even given jazz a chance. Over a hundred years of music and it’s reduced down to this sentence/sentiment?


This is the one that usually converts nonbelievers to jazz. Hopefully it’ll work in @shiadoa’s case.


That is , indeed, wonderful. However it is still a recognizable melody. Its strange , I can play Jazz but later stuff is more difficult to play for me. This , I hope I could play with no isssue.


If I played an instrument well, I think I would be into jazz even more (especially the cacophonous stuff). The good improvisers were geniuses in my opinion (Charlie Parker has been rumored to work on a bit of calculus in his spare time), and I would imagine musicians can hear even more than I hear.


I do enjoy “jazzing up” the odd tune to make it more interesting but im reduced to electronic keyboards here. I have sent a festive pic of my keyboard and xmas tree :grin:


To me, it’s a tragedy that there weren’t better recordings made of Parker’s music. A true musical genius if there ever was one.


I’m digging the KTV lounge decor. :sunglasses:


Ha ha , Its difficult to find furniture in Taichung, not in this style . I know I know :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Jazz with a melody woohoo.


I am on a roll. Excellent piano woohoo


The jazz didn’t kick in until around the solo at 1:45. Nice tune, but I would prefer something more along these lines:

I highly recommend getting a glass of scotch or two in you first for the full effect. Your KTV living room would be perfect for the setting!



Nice. Can’t access the embedded video. No big deal. Here’s another classic/standard done by a fusion jazz musician.



Kamasi Washington- Leroy and Lanisha


Some other good ones:

Madlib- Shades Of Blue (an artists rendition of the Blue Note Suite)
Yesterday’s New Quintet- Uno Esta
Mulatu Astatke- Chifara, I Faram Gami I Faram, Fikratchin, Mascaram


Some wicked piano playing from Kenny Barron on this record