Best Live Dance Routines

I know you guys are all too hetero to be into dance, and dance isn’t really my thing either, but what with “Live to Dance” and “Got to Dance” on TV at the moment, I have been reminded of how awesome really good routines can be. So here’s a thread for people who did it in public, as opposed to on screen. My favorites so far:

Diveristy’s flashmob stunt (watch from 1:40):

Matthew Koon, Got to Dance (watch from 1:20):

Bebe Neuworth and Karen Ziemba – totally in synch, putting Hollywood actresses to shame:

Emily from Got to Dance (watch from 2:30):

Oh and This

[quote=“divea”]Oh and This

Sweet. :slight_smile:

Here’s my favorite…

Check this one, full screen, sound turned up See if it moves you. Watch for the backwards jump without looking.

Two performances from “Twitch” on “Live to Dance”. A very cheap bottle of whiskey for anyone who can guess my favorite dancer in the group.