Best massages in taipei


So the best i’ve been to is Villa like spa they have a couple places and it’s like a SE asia style massage place. very nice decor and atmosphere. It’s a bit expensive, 2400 for 2 hours of thai massage but it’s worth it. the nicest place if you care about that along with high service and good massage. Never had a bad experience there. The most consistant place

2nd is 6 star massage

still nice, good service. Mostly good massages, rarely had a bad massage but I certainly had bad ones and extremly good ones.


I’ve never been to Villa-like, but I have only heard good things about it.

I go to Wat Po, Guang Fu location, they have two locations, one near Zhong Shan Elementary School MRT on Minshen and another on Guang Fu North Road by the Veterans Admin office.

1500NT for a 2 hour oil massage. 1000NT for non-oil. Your experience may depend on the masseuse they assign to you. I’ve had one bad experience, mostly good experiences and also an awesome experience where the masseuse pretty much cured the tightness in my knee. You can read the Yelp reviews for masseuse number suggestions.