Best method for recording music from an electric piano?

My suggestion to the OP:

If this recording is just for the folks, I’d agree with what other posters are saying – keep it simple, use the stereo jack in your computer to record.

If you stick with your Windows laptop, Audacity will do everything you need.

If you go Mac, Garageband. Its fairly easy to use, and actually has much more than you’ll ever need. And it comes bundled with whatever Apple computer you get. Its good for beginners thinking of jumping into music recording, and if you’re an aspiring musician, you could definitely make a decent demo with it.

To Cranky Laowai, I’d suggest the Mac setup for your friend, too. Sounds like Garageband covers all those points you mentioned. You’d spend just a bit over 1k, but you’d save in time (and money) in the long run. If your friend then wants to take his music to the next level, then he’ll have a good start, and should be able to figure out the next step if he upgrades.

Most importantly, doesn’t matter what you use – just take the time to learn the software you have. Audacity and Garageband aren’t really considered ‘professional’ apps, but they have a lot of functionality, ie you could spend months learning how to use to their full potential.

Folks talkin about stuff like Logic and even Logic Express – this is stuff for professional studios. So unless you’re a masochist, enjoy immersing yourself in complicated software, or are actually considering a career as a recording engineer, don’t go there. Save yourself the headache and the money.

My 2 cents, from personal experience.