Best minesweeper times?

mine are

Beginner: 14 seconds

Intermediate: 94 seconds

Expert: 439 seconds (and that definatly came down to guessing)

13 and 94. Can’t be bothered to slog through the big one. I’ll give it a go and report back.
On another computer I did the smallest size in 6 secs but that was because most of the bombs were clustered around the edge so were selected automatically. I had a student who said that he did it in zero seconds for this same reason: they were all clustered round the edge.

Ah, I used to be really good at Minesweeper. I have 4 secs on the beginner, 98 on the intermediate, and somewhere around 400 for the expert. I don’t mark my mines…just sweep around them. It’s more difficult on my current laptop though since it has a touch mouse rather than a hand mouse. I think the intermediate one is the hardest, though, because you don’t get the big clusters like the other two games. Nice time wating factor. I used to play for hours just trying to beat my old scores.

Have you tried Snood?

my sister use to be obsessed with that game and getting high scores… then i set attrib +r on c:\windows\winmine.ini…

Yes, my mom did that to my old desktop when I surpassed her score…Evil, innit?