BEST NIGHT MARKETS IN TAIPEI -- and what makes each stand out?

I plan to tour Taipei night markets this Sunday night – trying to get a well rounded sample of the best night markets, and capture photos and experience the best of each of the top few in Taipei, highlighting what makes 'em stand out and also what’s new. Would really appreciate your input!

[li]Which night market is your favorite, and why?[/li]
[li]How has the night market scene changed over the past several years? [/li]
[li]Where would you send veteran night-market-goers for a great, NEW and distinct experience (vs. stereotypical or repeat of all prior visits)?[/li]
[li]What are the favorite things that are a draw for “tourists” vs. “locals”?[/li][/ul]

Also welcome any input about the best way to categorize the different markets – for example, “traditional” vs. “touristy” etc. And particularly anything new. Understand for example the market. And feel free to suggest anyone you recommend talking to at (or about) the night markets.
I also appreciate some comments I’ve found via search – for example in an earlier thread I found:

I seek more detail and info about more night markets, and the latest up-to-date view of 'em and what’s new.

Many thanks in advance for any input and suggestions!

Are you touring for fun or doing an article? Sounds like you are writing something. If you are you should be upfront about this.

Good question. I do hope to do an article or photo essay for publication – but still in idea stage now and I have yet to formally pitch the story, get an assignment, etc. One potential publication for submission is

Ningxia probably has the best food by reputation among locals. Food is all it has. Jilong’s bigger, more organized night market is comparable but further afield.

Thanks, fearsomeworrier!

Rao He Jie night market is really cool IMO.

It has excellent hu jiao bing, great chu’un juen, and the last remaining authentic South Indian BBQ kebab stand in Taipei, which has a wicked spicy chicken kebab.

There’s a great Matzu temple at one end, and a nice patch of river park really close, where you are allowed to have a barbecue.

Also, not too sprawling and overly crowded, compared to Shilin or other larger night markets.

I rather like the one by DingXi MRT station. There’s a doraeyaki seller there on some nights who is absolutely fantastic. It also seems to have a better variety of food than Shilin does nowadays.

Thanks, BigJohn and Impaler!

BTW (to all): A cab driver indicated last night that Ximending (西門町) is up-and-coming, growing small market. True? And curious if so, why?

Heading to markets tonight starting with Raohe … (and the BBQ kebab sounds good, BigJohn)

Additional comments and suggestions much appreciated!