Best Noodles in Taipei?

where is the best spicy beef noodle? I went to Yong Kang. noodles terrible. soup salty. beef good.

My sister in law makes them :cow2: I’ve pretty much always got some complaint about any one I get outside

There’s really no “Best” in the city since everyone’s preferences are different.

I enjoy Yong Kang beef noodles, but it seems like you didn’t like it too much.

You can try these…

One tip I can give you about Lin Dong Fang beef noodles on Ba De Rd is that the earlier you go, the less “broth-y” the soup is. Pople have reported that going early the soup was kind of bland and those that go for dinner or a late night snack have reported the soup having a lot of flavor.

My personal favorite is the beef noodles at Din Tai Feng, however, no one I have ever encountered in Taiwan or from abroad has agreed with me on this haha

Ranlee, i agree w u that its in my top 3

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Ah jeez, there’s a million noodle places even in Taipei city. Some people like chewy beef noodles, some like light hongshao, some heavy. Some like thick noodles, some thin. Take your pick.

Tourists :slight_smile:

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I would be hard pressed to think of anything more impressive than the awesome chewy “belt noodles” at the “wild west” Chinese place just off Yanji Street in Taipei (Chinese name of the restaurant: 陜西秦味館). Their execution of this dish is totally stripped down, and utterly brilliant.

EDIT: here’s a photo of this dish:


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I think Lao Wang Ji is the best in Taipei. Usually a fair amount of tourists, but worth it

For me beef noodle soup isn’t the most interesting soup here. That accolade goes to some of the ‘Ma you ji’ and '‘ya rou tang’ or ‘Yao tang’ or even the ‘si mu yu’ places (last one is an acquired taste).

Beef noodle soup has been promoted to death to tourists like ding tai fung.

But it is nice when you find a beef noodle soup that works for you. There’s a parable in there somewhere.

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Taoyuan Street Beef Noodles (Taoyuan St.).
Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles (Bade Rd.).

There are two beef noodle restaurants on Taoyuan Street (closest MRT: Ximen). One has a big red sign; the other is across the street with no sign in an unassuming, run-down building. You want the latter.

100 Zhongxiao W. Rd Sec 1

If you like knife cut noodles style beef noodles, this is one to try.

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the xin jiang one near my house yo. although im not sure its really xin jiang style, its a little spicier but the whole menu seems like standard taiwanese fair. is there anywhere that sells lan zhou la mian? i’ve not found any yet but they are all over china.

Very near Jingmei station.
116, Taipei City, Wenshan District, Jingzhong St, 21號

I had some very tasty 清蒸牛肉麵 clear broth beef noodles here today. I mean REALLY TASTY.

120ntd , first class handmade noodles and lots of other choices.

It is a small humble place but fairly clean (it’s a Chinese restaurant in Taiwan after all) and as it was busy at 2pm I imagine it is very busy at lunch and well known round this neck of the woods. Will be back!

A lan zhou la mian place that has been recommended to me but I haven’t had a chance to try yet:

小 李子蘭州牛肉拉麵館
Heping East Rd Sec 2 Lane 118 No 57

Yeah, that is Lao Wang Ji

looks kinda like the xin jiang place near my house. almost the same as taiwan beef noodles. not really authentic. thats my assessment from looking at the photos anyway.

I like this one. 清真中國牛肉麵館
They have great beef noodles. If you don’t like it too salty, perhaps order the clear beef and avoid the hong shao type. My favorite dish there is the sliced beef shank salad with their homemade flatbread.

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The beef noodles I prefer “富宏牛肉麵”, I recommend it to my any friend come from other city country, and everyone who tried told me it’s good to eat even the guy from south of Taiwan, where gather so many delicious food.

The soup flavor is little bit sweet and clean, the most impressive thing is so many beef in the bowl. Another impressive is really cheap and open 24 hours, the location is near MRT Ximen station.

The size of beef noodle has three size : big, medium and small, I prefer medium one, it’s just okay for male, and the noodle size you can pick width one(“kuan”) or thin one(“shi”), I really recommend, never regret :slight_smile:

The location please follow the map:

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I like the Tianan style noodles at Du Hsiao Yueh Dan Zi Mian, 度小月擔仔麵. Shop located behind San Wan Hotel.

And Ippudo of course.

Papparich has Malaysian Singapore style noodles dishes. Yum.

Taiwan noodles are kind of bland tasting to me and not usually the best quality of meats.

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I’ve been going to this daoxiao “knife cut” mian place on Siping Street (across Songjiang from the market) for many years, it gets my vote. Not sure about the beef noodles, though I think they have them, I always get the tomato noodles. Great xiaocai and congyoubing, and the fried noodles etc (especially the fried bing) from the kitchen are all great.