Best parties tonight?

Where is the fun tonight?

Years ago I went to a Halloween party in a mountain, but I don’t remember which one. Anything like that on tonight?

I may or may not have the day off

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Head for Ximen’s Red Square.


Are you sure you want to go out partying? Maybe you should make a head start on your 2022 tax return. There’s only six months left, and you don’t want to miss that coveted 8:30 a.m. slot on May 1. :sweat_smile:


Ah, right, Halloween. I was already wondering why some people outside were wearing some kind of costume today :sweat_smile:

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Mate, already completed it

Who else is in Ximen

You’re welcome to come down to K-town and go to a Halloween beach party with me. :joy:

Woop Woop Xinwen in the houuuuuuuse

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Ximen was pretty heaving tonight. I haven’t been anywhere cool enough to have to line up for the men’s bathroom in years.


yeah man that line was crazy

We ended up in 1001 nights, packed here too

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Would be good to have a best parties current events thread that keeps getting bumped. The shovel guitar is opening many doors for me.

Imagine a crowbar guitar!

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Ha. Good idea. The possibilities are endless.

I think the first electric guitar ever was called the frying pan.

Right now Im scouring Danshui for the biggest shovel ever. Could make a Bassitar.