Best Pho in taipei

So besides cyclo which I think is pretty bad, the broth is just awful are there any other pho places? maybe some small mom and pop place hidden somewhere?

I like the place on Yongkang street, in the alley across from the Ice Monster thing (they have one shopfront on the corner with a door next to the popular cong zhua bing stand, and another across the street and down a few shops.) Been there forever. Can’t say a thing about its authenticity, but I know what I like. Think it’s called Thanh Ki in English.

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I live right next to it, never seen it. I’ll give it a shot when I go through next time.

There should be tons of great Pho and Vietnamese food around considering that “118,300 Vietnamese women who met Taiwanese men through international matchmaking services resided in Taiwan as of 2005” and a lot more in the ten years since then.

There are shops popping up around the night markets and I see at least one in every small town I visit in Taiwan.

to me they all taste pretty similar. can’t say i’ve had any bad ones.

the weirdest one ive seen is in banqiao, the staff look like hookers. and they are rude. its usually filled with guy customers as u can imagine. i saw a kid having his birthday there once and i was offered some dan gao.

Best place I know is:

越南美食 - Vietnamese Restaurant
No. 414, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xizhi District, New Taipei City

Run by Vietnamese; really authentic. A bit out of the way, but excellent.

It’s good, but I wouldn’t get the pho there. They put the bean sprouts in the soup for you, for example. It’s in there when the pho is delivered to your table.

But they have a great menu of all kinds of other goodies. They also have decent traditional desserts. I highly recommend this restaurant. We even took European guests there for lunch after a meeting at Acer and Wiston (both headquartered in Xizhi). But skip the pho and get other things.

Here’s the one I frequent:

河內河粉/Hénèi hé fěn/Hanoi River Powder
No. 3, Lane 3, Lane 123, East Section, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei

I stumbled across it with the gf and we’ve been going there for 2 years now. I normally order the signature beef pho with added noodles and it never disappoints.

We noticed that lots and lots of celebrity signatures on the wall when you walk in. All are 4-6 years old, but still counts, right?