Best pizza in Kaohsiung - any recommendations?

First of all, is good pizza actually available in Kaohsiung? And if so, where can I find it?

What I originally wrote here is now very outdated, so please disregard it.

The lighthouse pizza hits the spot for me. I’m sure you had it before so I’m assuming you’re not a fan. I like the fact that they’ll put anything I want on it and they also do half-half if you share with someone. It makes for a decently priced meal if two people share a pizza and I find the size to be just right for two people. I usually order a garlic toast with it and a cold beer of course.

Other than that, there’s Dominos and Pizza Hut…Not great but they deliver so I eat it sometimes. I prefer Dominos.

Smokey Joe used to have decent pizza and now they changed it for this Tortilla Pizza and well… it’s NOT pizza.

Mamamilla has decent pie too, and that’s on JungJeng Road, quite near where you live.


The best pizza in Kaohsiung is at Norman’s.

I don’t think I have tried the lighthouse pizza before. I’ll give it a shot next time I’m there, which isn’t too often since it’s on the other side of town for me. And where is this “norman’s” place?

I’ll be sure to try a few of these places, I’m dying for pizza. Back in the US my Friday night hangout spot was a pizza place owned by a friend of mine, it was a wood fired oven and pretty authentic Italian style pies. That and a cold beer and I was quite happy.

Is Norman’s still open? Because Norman himself passed away a while back.

Napoli’s is good for some cheap pizza.

I dunno, it kinda reminds me of Little Ceasar…

Andy’s Pizza Garden definitely without question has the best pizza in Kaohsiung.

Is that the wood-fire pizza place near Cheng Ching lake?

Is that the wood-fire pizza place near Cheng Ching lake?[/quote]

It is indeed. Unfortunately, it’s a bugger to find.

In addition to the places above (I haven’t tried Lighthouse’s pizza though), I also like Escape 41’s. Good pizza and good atmosphere…good combination.


dang, still very little variety of Pizzas for ole Khh…

I still like Costco’s Pizza. That and a Hot Dog and drink and it’s a delicious dinner.

Or even the stand inside Dollars at Ming Shen Road. Not the most delicious cheese or tomato sauce, but the crust is thick and it’s somewhat good for a cheap pizza.

I haven’t heard of the other pizzas reported from some of the posters. Perhaps it’s location that’s hindering me.

My pizza place is a little hard to find, took me a couple of weeks when I first moved in.

If you can find the baseball stadium next to the lake you’re not far. Coming from the front entrance to the lake, go past the hospital and stadium on your right. You’ll come to a big intersection with Tokyo City on your left. Go through it and turn left at the next light with a taxi stand, continue straight past the field and then left again. We’re the last house on the left. Don’t turn at the 7-11 with a taxi stand, we are one small street back.

If you’re turned around, call us at 0921232339 or 735 4076.

Hi Andy,

I think you should put together a small map and post it here and on KaohsiungLiving. Everyone I talk to tells me the same thing. Awesome pizza, but very difficult to find the place. :wink:

I’m a pizza lover. There’s no shame in that, surely. A good pizza and a beer. Nothing beats that in my book. The best pizza I’ve ever had was in Sydney about ten years ago. Wood fire pizza, of course, thin crust and baked to perfection. Man that was good pizza.

I have had good pizza since then but nothing quite as good. Until tonight. I made my way to Andy’s Pizza Place. I couldn’t find the place as do most people, I’m sure, so I gave him a call and he helped me out with some directions.

I believe it’s outdoor seating only, not great for cold evenings, but they do take outs. It’s lovely, actually. Just some tables in the garden with a whole lot of trees everywhere. It’s not near any main roads and it’s the last house at the end of a cul-de-sac so you can’t even hear traffic at all. It feels like sitting at a beach resort on an isolated tropical island. Nice break from the city noise.

Anyways, the pizza is the real attraction there. Whoah! Man that is GOOD pizza.
Oh and they have cheap beer. 80NT for San Miguel, Corona, Carlsberg, Heineken, etc.

If you’re up for a really good meal at a very reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with Andy’s pizza. It’s a bit far from my place, but well worth the trip and I’ll be back there whenever I’m craving pizza. Best pizza in Kaohsiung? Try some of the best damn pizza on the face of the earth. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Call me strange… but all things considered… I would rather sit on a beach with a real ocean view and an actual lighthouse in the distance than sit in the heavily industrialized outskirts of kaohsiung stuck imagining the beach.

Even the pickiest of my friends love the food at Escape 41. Great food, great atmosphere. Can’t ask for more.

Not that it needs it after the review bobepine gave it, but Andy’s Pizza Garden has some serious quality pizza. When I lived in Kaohsiung I went there on a regular basis. I don’t know if he’s still doing it, but if you ask real nice he might have rooftop seating, which though it does spoil the illusion of being away from the city, provides a nice view of the lake.

Though this Escape 41 sounds intriguing as well. I’ll have to try it out next time I’m down there.

The Bayou has a wide selection of pizza’s, have tried a few different ones and overall they’re quite good. They now even have Chicago deep dish style pies, which I’ve never actually tried before, will probably order one next time I go.

Glad you’re enjoying the pizzas.

I would also like to mention that we are not making Chicago deep dish pizza, but Chicago stuffed pizzas. Truely a whole different pizza.