Best place for size 13+ shoes

I wear a US 13 wide and 14 mens shoe. In your opinion, what is the best place to buy large shoe sizes in Taipei or Taoyuan?

There are some resellers on Shopee that focus on larger shoe sizes.

Like here

I only know the second best place.

If gym shoes I roam around areas with lots of shoes stores like gangguan until one has my size.

Shopping centers like mitsukoshi sometimes have larger sizes but cost more.

You can normally order special sizes through the department stores in Taipei and pick them up when they arrive or have them delivered to your home. I often have to do this for the opposite problem - teeny tiny feet.

Is there a particular brand you prefer?

Thank you for opinions everyone. I have had no luck thus far. It is okay though :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! Any updates to the advice in this thread? Where can I get large men’s running shoes (any sports shoe)? Socks, too? New to Taipei.

We’re (thankfully!!) exiled in Taiwan due to “Wuhan pneumonia” (don’t worry: we left China on Jan 20 for Thailand, and now we’ve been in Taipei for a month). I only have three pairs of socks, one pair of flipflops, one pair of runners. I’m working out 4-5 days/week, and my shoes are getting nasty and worn out.