Best place to exchange currency

Wondering if anybody happens to know what the pricing structure is for currency exchanges. Can’t recall if BOT does a flat fee or % (assuming the latter)…

All the banks charge more or less the same. There’s a transaction fee and a percentage fee. These will vary depending on how you want to exchange. Is it cash for cash? Check for cash? Bank transfer?

Any banks in Taiwan.

Do not change it back in the US (if this is where you’re from). Not only their rates are terrible, but they charge a 8 dollar fee per transaction.

Cash, yes
the spreads are greater on cash exhange

Thanks for that. Am less interested in exchange rate than fee structure. Just trying to figure out if it’d be cheaper to wire via Transferwise or exchange in cash after arriving.

I have 2 local banks.
Both have a fixed fee + ratio.
Believe fixed is NT$500, and want to say (from memory) that US$30,000 was maybe another NT$700. Just a rough idea.