Best place to get a video camera in Taipei?

I can’t seem to find my iFlip, so I’d like to get a real camera in Taipei. Any good places to buy a DVC at a reasonable price near Yonghe? I’m not looking to get the best kind; an off-brand is fine, too, as long as it has a decent battery life and the tapes are easy to find in Taipei. :slight_smile: I just want something convenient for the trip. Budget is only around $100-150?


Tape!? No-one uses tape any more and for $100-150 you’ll get, well not very much in Taiwan.
For what it’s worth, camcorders are expensive here, as in 2-3x the going price in the US.
I’d say your best bet is to go to Bo-Ai Rd and see if there are some grey imports of Sanyo camcorders, such as this one … 06&ROWNO=1
Anything cheaper and you’re looking at something like this … 8&ROWNO=30
The local stuff is just crap imho.

Do not get the hard disk ones, the newest, most reliable -and actually cheaper and smaller- use SD cards. Easier to edit in the computer, easier to carry, lots of capacity. Not this month’s models are OK and reasonably priced, even for Sony or other big names.

Oh, and as the Swede said, no BenQ, Cutie whatever.

Turns out I gotta get a new camera too.

I want:

Big zoom

Manual Focus

Great sensor

Lots of Pixels

Focus while filming

good warranty

Easy to use.

Can spend about 15,000 tops.

Thanks in advance.

Best place for me was some New York mail order firm recommended to me here in a previous thread on vid cams. It was half the Taibei price, and still a third cheaper after shipping was added, if I recall correctly.

Thanks DB.