Best Places to Eat in Hsinchu

I’ve noticed that there’s hundreds of places to grab some food here in Xinzhu but was wondering if anyone could recommend a place to eat.

So far, my partner and I have discovered a few gems, including the Overseas Dragon (best place for guotie), Yi Er San on Fuhou Street, Mark Randall on Jinshan Street (lovely pizzas) and a restaurant near the East Gate which serves the best Japanese food I’ve ever had (sadly I don’t know its name or the name of the road it’s on).

Any other suggestions would be welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m surprised there aren’t more replies to your request. I’m also looking for good eats. All I can say is that the best places I’ve found are the local stir fry , cook to order places …in Chubei especially.

Names? can’t remember but will try to find out.

Maybe Mama Mia italian Restaurant in the Windance shopping mall 7th floor.

Try the Skylark in the Geant shopping centre. I believe there’s also one in the Far East Mall.

For me two western restaurants outside of hotels stand out. One is Friendly’s Italian on Mintsu (spelling?, in PinYin would be MinZu) Road. It is quite expensive and I don’t really like the service but the 4 cheese pizza is definately the best pizza I have had in Taiwan (I have been to alleycat’s etc, but friendly’s is definately better). Another good place is inside a bakery just a few metres North of the Windance department store on ZhongYang Lu (sorry, I only know how to write this in Pinyin) but it is the biggest department store in Taiwan so it should not be hard to find. The have quite a good buffet with good salad and all you can eat deserts. The price is not cheap (about 400-500) but better than the not so friendly prices at Friendly’s.