Best Shops in Taipei to Buy Video Games?

Where are the best shops with cheapest prices and best selections for Playstation 3?




Xiemending or Guanghua are your best bet. But shop around and compare. Prices can fluctuate wildly.

Taipei city mall (underground behind train station) too.

But I cannot stress shopping around enough.

Recently I purchased MAG for ps3. 1 day after launch I found a lone copy in a shop in Xiemending for 1100 NT. It sells for 1300-1600 elsewhere.

The places that I usually go to look for games (Wii / Xbox 360) are:

  1. 萬年商業大樓 Wan nien Commercial building (MRT Ximen Station)
    On the 3rd and 4th floors of this building are a number of different shops selling new and second hand games and peripherals

  2. Taipei City Mall (under Taipei Main Station) nearby Exit Y16 has about 10 or so different game shops selling new and second hand games

  3. K-Mall (MRT Taipei Main Station, next to ShinKong Mitsukoshi)
    The first floor and B1 have game stores, the B1 store has a good selection of new and second hand games.

Yahoo shopping / Yahoo bid is also a good source of cheap games!

Hope it helps!