Best Signature

HOw about a competition for best signature?


How do you propose it to be judged? Funniest, most useful information? Most helpful to new members? I hope i’m a judge cuz I like mine alot, so I would win :sunglasses:

I’ve updated my quote in an attempt to be the funniest, most useful, and most helpful to newbies.

I also have free Betel Nut for the judges.

I’ve updated my quote in an attempt to be the funniest, most useful, and most helpful to newbies.

I also have free Betel Nut for the judges.[/quote]
You ripped the name of one TW website and have it link to another one?!!?! :doh: :smiley:

Sandman’s signature doesn’t stop scaring me… :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

I hereby submit my sig.

That doesn’t seem like a real neighbourly thing to be doing Miltonkid. Are you blackmailing Taiwanho for money to stop linking them to Tealit? It’s one of the least classy things I’ve yet seen on Forumosa. :s

Of course not, that wouldn’t be my style. Its just a holder while I make something better. I suppose I can link it to another page…

simplicity is the essence of life

I was expecting it to link to Tealit’s Language Exchange forum actually. It’d be perfectly accurate.

That was the other thing that came to mind. Maybe I’ll have it rotate. I just wanted to get something up so it did just point to a page that said “Website coming soon!” or something like that.

Note: I of course knew of Taiwan Ho! when I registered, but it’s not my fault they chose a domain name with an (obvious) alternate meaning.

Can you nominate someone’s sig? I nominate mr_boogie’s:

[quote]If a motorcyclist wants to show national pride, enhance social safety and family happiness, he/she must: (1) drive ethically and obey the laws (2) have great driving skills (3) stop smoking and drinking

(from the driving license test…)[/quote]

What is SuchaFOB’s current signature all about? Is it supposed to be ironic? I’m assuming it is some sort of tongue in cheek quote, since I never figured her for a racist and misogynist.

“Blessed are You for not making me a Gentile. Blessed are You for not making me a woman. Blessed are You for not making me a slave.”

From what I know of her, she is fairly anti-religion, so yes. Tongue in cheek…

She must have me on ignore, as she hasn’t answered the question yet.

I like Mother Theresa’s signature. “Only the nipple is intuitive”

whats a mothersticker?

A Spoonerism. I heard Peter Kay say it, way back.

and your sig is a reverse titanic? a carbon dioxide graph? an advert for viagra??

It’s from a song by Julian Cope from ‘Jehovahkill’. There’s a chord change in there that has made my hair stand on end ever since I first heard it, years ago.

'400 metres across
and hanging like a football field.
Over the valley of the stone circle,
wondering what the crop will yield.
For the mother ship has come!
For the mother ship has come!
Who’s she gonna claim this time?
RIGHT NOW, tell me who she’s gonna claim.

Loving as the face of Jesus,
smiling like the Mona Lisa
To penetrate the diamond,
the pituitary gland, gets torn on its axis and frees.
Earth is a cannon (canon?) of love,
shamed by Socrates.
Who’s to blame but the man, like any man,
Who’s to blame but the man who leads?

When people jump through time,
they give themselves up to the rhyme and reasons of the heavens they recognize in themselves.
Reconciling themselves to the thoughts of dutiful people.
They’re unashamed…

Going upwards at 45 degrees,
Won’t somebody sign my release?’