Best store for kitchen supplies

Will buy some kitchen supplies like pans, cutlery, spatula etc. Which store would be best for it? Both online store and physical store are okay.

No brainer, well off the top of my head. IKEA (if there’s one around you).
Bought nearly all our cutlery from them, as well as plates, bowls, etc. Even curtain rods and other household things. Quite cheap.

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There is a few Cook Box outlets in KHH area, not sure where you are. Cook Box is quite big and a lot more baking and cooking items along with food.

What level of quality are you looking for? IKEA is fine if you just want to casually make some food. I’ve slowly built up a stock of better supplies from the US over the years — a nylon spatula, a high heat scraper spatula, a whisk that’s designed to actually be used, flatware that I enjoy eating with…

Costco often has higher end stuff, but it’ll cost significantly more than the price seen on Amazon.

If I were looking to buy a bunch of stuff, I’d probably just order from Amazon, making sure to get items that have free shipping with orders over USD$60.

If I’ve got lots of time and no worries about budget, shopping around in IKEA, Costco, and Crate & Barrel. The upper floors of department stores do occasionally have good stuff as well, as does City Super, but at a premium that’s way higher than what you’d pay by ordering from Amazon. Crate & Barrel probably has the best selection of North American kitchen stuff.

Go check the prices and selection at your local 五金店 (hardware store) first. There are bound to be a couple in your area.


I guess it depends what quality you want, and how long you’re here for. If you’re only getting stuff for a year or so, those places are fine, but the quality’s usually not very good.

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The larfe baking supply stores have western restaurant quality utensils as well as all sorts of kitchen tools. The cost is relatively low too.

There is a Japanese home / kitchen store in and arund Taipei too.

I didn’t realize those existed here!! Always been WAY out of my budget, but a fun store to walk around in and just enjoy the design features of.

In the basement of the Breeze that’s right beside Taipei City Hall MRT Station. The corner with kitchen supplies may be the best source of such material in Taipei - but ordering from Amazon, even with delivery charges & import fees, is probably going to be a lot cheaper.

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Ikea is fine even in professional kitchens, they have two or three lines of kitchen stuff, everyday and higher quality.

If you walk towards the river from Ximen MRT station there is a bunch of restaurant supply shops there.

Whats your priority for best?

Build quality
Human rights manufacture

Everything is available here just depends what you care about in a product.