Best stores to buy craft beer in Taiwan

From the photos on Google Maps, I can’t tell whether they’ve decreased their prices or just started only showing the prices for small glasses on their menu? If it’s the latter, you’re less stingy than me!

I walked in there once with some friends about 7 years ago… and we all simultaneously decided we weren’t paying that much for beer (like NT$350–420 for a large glass) and sheepishly walked straight back out again.

I did go last year to their rooftop taproom near 101 after someone’s birthday and that was pretty nice. Still pretty expensive IIRC, but I wasn’t really drinking that night for some reason so it was fine for one drink given the nice location. It’s not somewhere I’d want to go if I was feeling thirsty, though!

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Yeah I can’t answer the cheap part since craft beer is not cheap. The one I go to is about $200 or $220 for 350ml and $300 or $320 for 500ml. As far as Taiwan craft beer goes, I’d rate them or Ugly Half in the top. Other breweries tend to cater to Taiwanese by making beer overly sweet and fruity.

Ugly Half
Black Drongo
Sambar (maybe not taiwanese)
Flying Fox
Floating Light
Taiwan Head
AL13 (recently closed :cry:)
Tsai’s Actual

And these are just from memory. If you think Taiwan beers are too sweet or fruity, you need to get out more. Expensive, yes, but I never want for craft beer here.