Best stores to buy craft beer in Taiwan

Could I please get recommendations for stores selling craft beer? I know I can buy it from various pubs but their prices are prohibitive.
7-11 sucks. PxMart - not very good. Carrefour not great. I realize that not all of these stores carry the same inventory.

If you’re looking for good prices, you can’t beat simple mart. They tend to have an ok selection of random European beers.


Simple Mart for some reason procures the cheapest overseas (usually European) beers, depending likely on F/X.
Microbrews by definition are not cheap, even in the U.S.

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I go there occasionally, but I feel like they’re not “craft beers” so much as “whatever obscure Eastern European mass-market beer is cheapest for us to import this month”.

The ones I’ve had weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great either.


Caveat: I seek out North American-style craft beers, not European, so I know next to nothing about European options.

What I mainly buy: every so often a North American or Australian or New Zealand craft(ish) label will show up with a variety of options at Carrefour (the Danshui branch for me), and I’ll stock up. That’ll disappear from the shelves after a couple of months but my supply will last longer. Hopefully something else will appear before my supply disappears but if not, oh well, I guess I don’t bother with beer for a bit.

For a budget, the boxes of “craft” beer at Costco are almost definitely the best value - mixed bottles of Kirkland, or mixed cans of SweetWater IPA. But I haven’t seen the SweetWater in a few months, and I haven’t seen the Kirkland in a few years.

Crafted, in Maji Square (beside Yuanshan MRT Station) has the best selection I’ve seen. Prices, however, are high, prohibitively so in my opinion. I believe there are similar stores scattered around Taipei.

The take-out prices at the Red Point Taproom were slightly better (still not good!), but they’re gone now. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Red Point available at a supermarket. There are other local options but the ones I see in Carrefour seem to be things like cucumber sour or lychee or whatever.

And who knows what the heck you may find at a 7-11. They’ve usually got a summer international beer promotion.

Jason’s used to have mildly interesting but too-expensive international varieties. Its replacement, Mia C’bon, is probably the same, but I stopped looking.


Good list!

They had a pretty good one several years ago (2018? 2019?), but since then I’ve found 7-11 to be pretty meh beer-wise. Surprisingly enough, Hi-Life sometimes has decent beers (though they probably don’t count as “craft” either).

Crafted has a very good selection of course, but like you I find it too expensive as a general rule. (I don’t get enough perceived value from these beers to spend 3+ times more for a can than something from 7-11/Family.)


Yeah, it’s a bit like Jason’s / Mia C’bon: I used to check regularly, then mostly gave up looking. For all I know the past couple of summer promotions have been great, but I didn’t investigate.

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I’ve read that Simple Mart doesn’t have a good selection of craft. What do you think?

Just looked up the definition of craft beers, this is from wiki

So yea, by that definition Simple Mart doesn’t really stock craft beers. They have a few different largers, some dark beers and a couple of IPA, and that is generally good enough for me, but if you’re looking for a wide selection then you’re in the wrong place. As I said though, can’t be beaten on price, and I’m a cheap bastard.

Taiwan has a number of craft beer shops now. Not cheap, for sure. Expect 100-250 per small bottle. But there are proper GOOD beers here at that price.

I haven’t found much I like at convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets etc. It’s all pretty meh. But the smaller shops get some good smaller breweries in. I am more familiar with US/Canadian brands, less so European. One of my favorites in Taiwan is Stone. I enjoy their dark beers.

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Stone from San Diego? That’s amazing, I barely ever saw their stuff up here in Vancouver area. But used to go to the brewery all the time when we lived in San Diego

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Taiwan Head is usually a bit cheaper than import and other local craft. Their bottle shop often has deals too.

Also that import grocery in the basement of Breeze at fuxing and shimen has a good selection sometimes.

This place I’ve only been to once, but they had by far the cheapest craft beer I’ve ever seen in Taiwan


You already have some of the best beer available in the world, on tap! Granville island brewery…Vancouver Island brewery, hermans? Game over. Even just going into a random restaraunt, so many have their own breweries now that the government ended the monopoly they used to enforce (at least in BC).

We settle for meager over priced bottles here. Of monkey piss usually. But there are loads of brands here, just not on scale, hence the price. I like stone, their dark beers are fantastic.

Fun fact, monkey piss in Taiwanese Mandarin is “horse piss”. Next time you’re drinking bar beer, tsingtao, Taiwan beer, kirin, Asahi, bush, budweiser, heineken etc etc, try it out with your taiwanese friends.

To be fair, it’s pretty hard to keep drinking amazing beers in the tropics, due to just being heavy and often loaded with sugar. But in colder times, no competition!

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… and in pinyin?

Haha I’m very aware, been to most breweries in the area. I mentioned Stone because it’s nostalgic for me, and they have had beer for sale a few times over the years up here.

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updated title to focus on OP in Taiwan.

so… any micro breweries worth mentioning?

Not sure what the strict definition of “micro” is, but there are some listed here:

I went to the Ugly Half place a couple of months back to buy some beers as a birthday gift for a friend. A bit inconvenient to get to (near New Taipei Industrial Park, then a walk), but I tried a couple of decent ones, it was a nice space inside, and the staff were friendly.

The Jim and Dad’s place near Yilan looks pretty interesting too. I was thinking to go for a visit when I have time.


in Taipei:

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Yeah, I’ve seen that one too. :slightly_smiling_face:

The one in Yilan is a cool space and beers are good. They sell beers from other breweries there too.

I’m a fan of Zhangmen, large variety on tap like 20 different beers.