Best Taipei neighborhood for big dog

I will be moving to Taiwan later this year with a three-year-old German Shepherd and would like some advice on which neighborhoods around Taipei are good for dogs, preferably with natural open areas where we can take walks and play. We will be renting a place and can live anywhere in the Taipei area, including on the outskirts, as long as there is public transportation into the city. My dog is now a city dog, a big hound in a small apartment. We currently go out for two long walks and jogs every day and play off-leash at the neighborhood dog park. He’s a rescue and was confined, possibly his whole life, before I brought him home. Despite that, he’s very sweet natured and well behaved. I’m hoping our move to Taiwan will be an opportunity for him to get the dog’s life he deserves!

Welcome. Thank you for your considertaion to your dog’s wellbeing.

Anywhere near the riverside parks would be great for your dog. There is a gorgeous doggie park in Neihu, within the riverside park in that area. Also in Xindian. Dajia riverside park is also very popular.

More info here:

Auntie Peng @Icon will ring in on some things you want to keep in mind when bringing your furry friend from overseas. I know it’s a simple process, but could be rough on the pet.

As for a location, I would suggest looking into:

Thanks, @Icon and @ranlee! Those places look fantastic! Really appreciate your advice. In the areas you suggested, would it be possible to rent a ground-floor apartment with a yard or a detached or semi-detached house with a yard? Maybe I am dreaming a little too much! How far outside of Taipei would we need to go to get to a suburban or even rural setting? My job involves travel so somewhere on the way to Taoyuan would be good.

Xindian Xiao Bitan better. That is where the dog park is.

The confinement in Taiwan is awful. Please be extra careful.

Houses in Xindian sure, in very nice neighborhoods. I do not reccomend ground level in the middle of the city because we have lot of rats and other pests, plus they frequently spray all kinds of lethal venoms to kill mosquitoes, which are very harmful to people and pets. Yards are hard to keep, though, and we also have cobras and other kinds of snakes that get into the houses, especially in summer.

I can’t say it’s impossible, but it’s not easy. Your best bet is to find a gated off community with multiple buildings. This way you don’t really need to leave the vicinity of your house to let the doggy out. Downside is, many of these nice communities may not accept pets in the building.

In Xindian, avoid Mehe Shu community. Close to Xiao Bitan, there is an old community called Zhongjiang, next to a huge complex. The huge complex has swimming pool and enclosed areas but I do not think it is very pet friendly. So the community I mentioned, or anything down Wenhua road, San min road, intersecting Zhongzheng road, will have old houses, 3 story ones, at reasonable prices. The higher you go up the mountain, whether towards Wulai or Ankeng areas, the cheaper it gets. Up the hills many houses in New Garden City and Rose City, both old and new.

In the summer, there is a pet swimming pool in Xiao Bitan.

Neihu Minquan east road section 6 behind the new Taipei tennis center. Nice residential area, long parks, quiet, grassy, trees, not many cars, clean air, near the Riverside…Feels like you’re not even in Taiwan.

Muzha is located on either side of the Jingmei creek, whose banks have been built up with walking / bike-riding trails, playgrounds, and such. (It winds around to Xindian and then north all the way to Danshui, I think.) There are always lots of dogs. If you and your dog have the energy, you could also climb up into the hills around Maokong.

The ONLY downside to that area is you are in no man’s land in terms of MRT stations. Other than that, I see it as a great spot to live and it definitely doesn’t have a Taipei feel to it.

Thanks, everyone! Sounds like I’ll need to spend several days before moving over to check out the great neighborhoods you suggested. Guess I should consider getting a car and living somewhere less crowded, though on balance I’d prefer no car and taking the MRT and riding my bike.

@Dawud I’m an avid cyclist but Siegfried has hip dysplasia so can’t run alongside. It’s great to know about the bike paths. Maybe I’ll get a dog trailer and give him a ride to the dog park! (Yes, he is a bit spoiled.)

With that little bit of extra info, definitely consider Neihu or Song Shan.

Neihu you’re a hop away from Yang Ming Shan and Song Shan puts you at a nice distance right in between Yang Ming Shan and Maokong, which are two great spots for cyclist. Give me a holler when you arrive. More than happy to show you around the city on coffee ride.

A car really isn’t necessary if you’re sticking to dog parks and…parks, but if you want to bring Siegfried out of the city on trips, a car is a necessity. German sheps are big dogs and would probably not appreciate a scooter ride as much as a shibu or corgi would.

Every area/district in Taipei will have a noisy area, but it’s those small quiet alleys that really make it special. One second you are in a quiet spot and you turn the corner and it’s busy busy busy.

To be brutrally honest, I have seen huskies in dog trailers taken on the MRT. heck, last Thursday I saw a collie. As long as they are confined, I guess it’s OK though I’d check regarding the size limits.

You can try accupuncture and other kinds of rehabilitation for doggie here. What’s his/her name?



@ranlee Thanks for the offer. See you in Taipei! Will definitely look at Neihu and Songshan. If we don’t need a car in the city, could just rent one to go out of town.

@Icon The MRT rules (just looked them up) specify pet containers that “do not exceed 55cm in length, 45cm in width, and 40cm in height.” Not sure how they got a husky or a collie in that size space. My dog wouldn’t fit!

Do you guys have dogs?

My dog’s name is Siegfried. (The profile picture is his.) Acupuncture sounds like a great option. He’s still young and only goes lame occasionally, but the hip x-rays look bad, so I’m doing everything possible to preserve function and mobility and prevent pain as he gets on in life. I was volunteering regularly at a dog shelter to get my dog fix, thinking I shouldn’t have a dog in an apartment, but then one day this malnourished, tick-infested German Shepherd came in and kind of chose me. We shared a strong bond from the first day, and I took him home three months ago. He’s a super sweetie!


I always wanted to have a German shepherd, but my mom very reluctantly agreed to cats only. My first dog ever chose me about 10 years ago. He passed away a couple of years ago. I now share my life with a fluffy bad tempered bully who looks adorable but is death…ankles down. My Bobby.

…and some of the cat gang. Bobby sometimes gets along with them. He likes to play rough. He is a tough cookie who walks one hour daily. He can walk from Xindian to Gongguan. He picks fights with dogs much larger than him.

What a cutie! Looks can be deceptive. Mine looks ferocious but is actually scared of mean kitties.

Mine doesn’t know the difference between cats and dogs. I think she might run away from a rabbit, though.