Best techno/trance/house dance club in Taipei

I REALLY need to rave this weekend! Don’t need a bona-fide “rave”, just a great club with awesome rave-type music.
Any suggestions?

You’re in luck! There’s a rave’o musical spectacular beach party in Fulong this Saturday and Sunday! Buy your tix at Tower Rekkids! Take the train to Fulong and just -> follow -> the -> signs!

Get there early, however, for I hear there will be the great and miraculous Taiwan Together Gang performing its punk rock r&b beatbox revue at 4:00!

Cant miss Fulong. But for other weekend choices, try Sonic Lemon, they play lots of Techno, but I havent seen many properly mixing DJ’s.

That Fulong party was good, but there was one huge problem. If you wanted the good music on the island, you had to brave the sandstorm. With the wind, why didn’t they switch the good music to the smaller stage? Oh well, after I while I wasn’t in much state to care

Sonic Lemon? That’s out on Zhongshiao East, right? I was told it was another club for the whistle-blowing gangster set, so I’m yet to venture in.

Has anyone recently been to a dance club with a friendly environment and a good dj mix, or does one preclude the other?

Oh, and to the (original) organisers of the Fulung parties, thanks. Good venue and good work!

Fulong was big time. Dance, techno, live bands, sand (ouch), wind, the beach.

Sonic lemon might be the whistles and the
gansgters but their techno is quite OK. There is another place that has some great DJ’s but only once a month. Try out Underworld at 45 Shi Da Road.

Next Fulong is July 14Th
Party ON!!!

Hey there.

I’m an english teacher from Toronto who is also a DJ. I’ve been trying to get to play here, I’ve made contact with a couple people but I’m seeking opinions from those who have been here a while of what is a quality place.

I play deep house, jazzy/funky house, some tech-house.



Good clubs in Taipei … NEVER !!

Well … I suppose it depends on music taste … sigh

I’m into more Hard Nrg (Tinrib, Do Not Bend - that’s record labels btw ) and Nu Nrg (KAKTAI) and Hardhouse … and you believe me that this wonderfull westernised global city of Taipei does not cater for my kind at all … cheap, old moldy cheesy reworked chinki techno, rap/r n b and dj’s with no clue about beatmatching nor bars, is what drove me far away from clubs in Taipei. Ever so now and often there might … MIGHT … just be a party on worth going to … at least summin I’ll spend money on.

Fear not - this stroke of bad luck did no harm. I have started making my own tunes … for now that will keep me happy … untill I moved from this hole to another … a grey one … London.

May you find a good club with half decent dj’s … may you have a good time …


Dear Michael,

We couldn’t give a rat’s rectum about what club you play in, just get out there and play, okay?! Stop poncing about; it’s just causing your records to gather dust.

And when you’ve got a gig, post your notice so we can come listen.


Mister Wax.

ps: you could try “Face” nightclub on Huhsing South Rd, but the management sucks and you’ll probably be playing to an audience of about 12. That’s twelve people, comprised of 10 bartenders and 2 door staff. Good luck with your gig.

I’d have to list the best as Rocky Candy II, Room 18, @live, and my personal favorite: Texound II.

Room 18 is in Warner Village, a hip hop room and a techno room. Rocking music. Pull out your fancy clothes-- and your wallet. It’s usually 700 or 800 to get in on the weekends.

Rocky Candy II is a smaller venue, much cheaper too, thank god. Weekends are quite fun. It’s also the place to be on Thursday nights. Open till the wee hours of the morning, 7 or 8 am. Good mix of a crowd: guys, girls, taiwanese, foreigners, straight gay. Can’t remember the address, sorry!

@live varies, depending on the night (each night usually has a theme). Sometimes sucks, sometimes rocks. Usually closes around 4:30am. Heard there’s afterhours on Sundays from like 8am-5pm, maybe guys only though. (wink wink.) It’s on HoPing Rd. and Kuling Rd, kind of near ShiDa.

Texound is massive and packed (especially saturday nights). NT600 to get in, more for special events. Recently re-opened at a new (and bigger) venue, it’s got the best DJs in Taipei spinning (Victor, Tiger, Jimmy, etc.) Don’t arrive before 2am, it’s rockin till 7 or 8am. Dancefloor usually dominated by sweaty gay Taiwanese boys on ecstacy, but everyone is welcome. Nan-king E. Rd., Sec 3, #217, basement (entrance is around the back).

It’s not uncommon for a truck-load of policemen to suddenly show up at these places. Taiwan highly associated techno music and drug-use. Usually they just check IDs, though occasionally you’ll hear stories of rounding up the whole pack of clubbers to go pee in the police station.

Just went out this weekend. Room 18. Smaller than expected, and not exactly a typical dance club. however, there was a DJ in the smaller room who played my kind of music (non-commercial progressive house). His name was Eric. He had a few trainwrecks, but overall, was really good.

The police wouldn’t go there… I think… not your typical drug hall.

quote[quote]The police wouldn't go there... I think... not your typical drug hall. [/quote] Sorry to say, Rm.18 is just as vulnerable to thinly veiled extortion attacks by the cops as any place. As anyone with half a brain knows, Rm.18 is not a "YaoTou" Club, and therefore the incidence of drugs used is probably no higher than that of the theatres located next to it. Yet the cops love to shake the place down. Why? Because it's a huge money-maker. Ask around, talk to the owners of various night spots (Discos, KTVs, Hostess Bars, etc. and you'll hear the same. The cops [i]love[/i] those red envelopes.

Ever wonder why there are no video arcades in Taipei? It’s because those places often used to stick a few illegal gambling machines in with the Pac-Mans, Street Fighters and what-have-you. Rather than confiscating the illegal machines, the cops preferred to go on the take and turn a blind eye to the whole thing. The practice was so endemic that the only way Chen Shui-Bian, the then-mayor could stop it was to make all video games illegal.

Here’s a link to a previous post regarding police practices in Taipei nightspots. Read 'em and weep!

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[quote=“friend”]I really need to rave this weekend! Don’t need a bona-fide “rave”, just a great club with awesome rave-type music.
Any suggestions?[/quote]

Raving is so nineties, which says a lot, because every second Republic of China person seems to be into raving and hip-hop. Nice FUBU shirt, Mr. Non-Black guy!

a new club un:understand just opened not long ago.
you can check it out.