Best vinyl on the tube

Another song thread yay! Rules: vinyl only, must be playing in video

ok somewhat serious.

now serious.

Can we have some fun and run amok?

Can’t resist to put them anywhere but everywhere when the needle is etching through my skull and into my brain.

pushing the boundry for on topic:

fun for vinylists:

That Nirvana vinyl the new one or the old one, E?

ha ha Thought you were going to trip me up with a trick question?

btw love you sig. :thumbsup:


off topic but I watched “Seconds” today and ended up searching into the background John Randolph. Take two seconds and read the bio.

“There’s nothing wrong with absorbing new ideas and testing them.” - John Randolph.

ha ha Thought you were going to trip me up with a trick question?

btw love your sig. :thumbsup:[/quote]
Thanks. I’ve been feeling surly lately and less inclined to be nice to numpties. :wink:

JR is something. As we speak, I am watching him on Seinfeld. Ha. :thumbsup:

A little bit of relatively unknown Van the Man.

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[quote]There’s a world where I can go and tell my secrets to:
In my room, in my room.[/quote]–Brian Wilson and Gary Usher … g_the_song

[quote]I never had a love of my own.
Maybe that’s why when we’re all alone,
I can hear music, I can hear music.[/quote]-- Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, and Phil Spector.

Take your pick:

Nice, Charlie Jack!

Thanks, TheGingerMan! J. J. Cale is a nice pick, too! :thumbsup:

[quote]To everything–turn, turn, turn–
There is a season–turn, turn, turn–
And a time to every purpose under heaven:
A time to build up, a time to break down,
A time to dance, a time to mourn,
A time to cast away stones,
A time to gather stones together.[/quote]–the Ecclesiastes Poet and Pete Seeger!_Turn!_Turn!

[quote]So long, boy, you can take my place.
Got my papers, I’ve got my pay.
So pack my bags, and I’ll be on my way
To Yellow River.
Put my gun down, the war is won.
Fill my glass high, the time has come.
I’m going back to the place that I love,
Yellow River.[/quote]–Jeff Christie

[quote]The rules have changed today. (Hey!)
I have no place to stay. (Hey!)
I’m thinking about the subway. (Hey!)
My love has flown away. (Hey!)
My tears have come and gone. (Hey!)
Oh my Lord, I have to roam. (Hey!)
I have no home. (Hey!)
I have no home. (Hey!)[/quote]–Willie and Joseph Chambers

[quote]The Byrds and the Airplane did fly.
Oh, Ravi Shankar’s music made me cry.

The Who exploded into violent light.
Hugh Masekela’s music was black as night.

The Grateful Dead blew everybody’s mind.
Jimi Hendrix, baby, believe me, set the world on fire, yeah.

His Majesty, Prince Jones*, smiled as he moved among the crowd.
Ten thousand electric guitars were groovin’ real loud, yeah.[/quote]–Eric Burdon, Vic Briggs, John Weider, Barry Jenkins, and Danny McCulloch

*Brian Jones, Master of Ceremonies

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Hey elektronisk, good on you for the Johnny and the Hurricanes tune. Now that’s some pure rock n roll. How about this one?!

And jimipresley with Legendary Stardust Cowboy. Is that Hasil Adkins? Just guessing. I was watching a video the other day on youtube of King Louie Bankston doing this one-man-band thing and I’ve had Hasil Adkins on my mind since.

Of course we can’t leave out Dave “Baby” Cortez with The Happy Organ. (Ya gotta wait for the lead on this one).

[quote]There’s no need for argument.
There’s no argument at all.[/quote]

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