BEST VPN's for China

What are the best VPN’s for getting around the China firewall? Any ideas?


Astrill VPN works great, but they charge a monthly fee.

Paid ones work usually good.

Just got back from China - used Express VPN - worked very well - but I am sure there are others. Have used this one every year I have gone over and not had a problem. Paid service btw.

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ExpressVPN doesn’t work in China as of last year.

Astrill is the most reliable I’ve found.

NordVPN’s obfuscated servers worked without a hitch as well in September 2019.

It’s a little more difficult, but you can manually connect to VPN servers by the IP addresses, and it reduces the chances of a server being blocked. Those can be hard to get if you’re already behind a firewall, though. I suggest always using a VPS for sensitive research, with an encrypted connection, and hide your connection tools.