Betacam for rent?

Does anyone know where to rent a Betacam camera?? I know many shops selling prosumers video cams, they don’t sell Betacam so I suppose there’s some other shops somewhere in town where one can find this king if high-level equipment… but where???


Ask Loretta.
I believe she was shooting her pornos with such equipment.

You looking for DigiBeta or BetaCam?

Well, as a matter of fact we had some brainstorming-meeting this afternoon and we are more looking for Panasonic P2 solution such as a HVX-200, or even some Varicam (but I fear the rental price would kill our budget) like SPX800 or SPC700. It would be easier for footage transfer and NLE with FinalCut Pro – specially if we can rent some FireStore FS100 as well.

If we cannot find that here, our second choice is the Sony PDW-530 XDCam (recording on optical drives), same thing, it would be easier for data transfer.

Finally, last prefered choice would be a Sony HVR-Z1E, but data transfer might be more tricky since it cannot record on external HD drive.

The Betacam, whatever Digital or SD, is the “hell, we haven’t found anything else we like” choice. Not because we find it bad or anything, simply because it means we’d have to find a studio for video editing (or at least data transfer) since none of us owns a computer that can do video acquisition from Betacam.

Can I play with you guys?

Damn. I bought a brand new SonyEricsson DigiBeta DVW-790WSP last week but left it in the back of a taxi on Friday night…